The Marilyn Denis Show: The Best Ways to Sell Your Stuff Online


I went on the The Marilyn Denis Show and got a huge hug from Marilyn. The audience got a few laughs over my knickers, and I shared my thoughts on The Best Ways to Sell Your Stuff Online. Also, don’t sell used knickers online. Smile.

Five unconventional ways to get your financial act together


Yes, building a budget, tracking spending, and paying yourself first are the tested pillars of saving money. But adding a few unconventional strategies into the mix can add to your bottom line too.

Impulse buying is the Achilles’ heel of saving money

The photo fails to do this Alexander McQueen blazer justice. Wish I had snapped a shot while wearing it. Sorry.

Watch out for impulse purchases or you may end up with skeletons in your closet.

5 Budget-friendly tactics for surviving Black Friday


Ditch the tent, lose the lineups, and leave your pepper spray at home. I’ll help you stay on budget and save money in preparation for Black Friday. credit card security breach affects thousands of customers

Are you at risk from the credit card security breach?

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