“I didn’t understand how small amounts of money set aside over lengthy periods of time become like a snowball. It just starts growing and growing and growing.”

Andrew Hallam was washing buses when he had the conversation that changed his life:

“I met a mechanic who was a self-made millionaire on a mechanic’s salary. And I didn’t even believe it at first.”

He believes it now. He became a millionaire.

You CAN turn a small income into a big portfolio.

Today, Andrew Hallam is the Millionaire Teacher. He’s one of the world’s best-known investment speakers and beloved author of Millionaire Teacher, where he shares the nine rules of wealth that helped him become a multi-millionaire on a high school teacher’s salary.

The best part about Andrew is he’s relatable. He didn’t inherit a fortune passed down over generations. He didn’t have an executive job with a sky-high salary. He built his wealth on an average income and grew it into millions.

You can grow your paycheck into millions too.

If you’ve ever dreamed of financial freedom, wished for clarity on how to invest your hard-earned dollars, and wanted the confidence to just get started, this episode is a must watch.

You’ll learn how to become a millionaire:

  • How you can start investing today.
  • Why banks talk Millennials out of index funds.
  • How to build an index portfolio in five minutes.
  • How hidden fees cost you TENS of THOUSANDS!
  • Why your actively managed mutual funds won’t beat the market over time.
  • How to reach financial independence by starting today.
  • Why women are better investors! Yep!

Watch this episode, then turn your insights into action below the video.

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Dive Deeper: Don’t know how to get started? Here’s a primer on How to build an index portfolio and the hidden 5 investing fees that devour your savings.

Wasn’t that AWESOME?

Andrew is a master at removing the mystery and confusion with investing and makes it possible for everyone to grow their wealth on any income. He says:

“Wealth is a foundation that gives you time. It gives you choices. It can give you experiences to spend with the people you love and respect. I would love everyone to do it.”

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You deserve a wealthy life filled with health and happiness. My hope is this episode helps you make it happen.

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How to become a millionaire: