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I’m a professional speaker available for in-person and virtual talks.

I’ve spoken at financial institutions and numerous organizations across Canada and in the United States.

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Words from an attendee sum it up perfectly:
“phenomenal presentation!”

— Lyanne Campbell, Manager of Marketing Services, Synergy Credit Union

Keynotes and virtual talks that increase financial wellness for all generations.

And inspire meaningful, powerful change.

Kerry is amazing!
Our session was a big hit.

— Canadian Association of Financial Aid Administrators

Speech: Money Sense Isn’t Common Sense

Mastering money is just a matter of using a little common sense, right? Make a budget, cut out the coffee, and you’ll be a millionaire in no time. Nope.

The problem is money isn’t just about math (or coffee) – our money sense is often influenced by habits and behaviors that turn our best intentions into costly mistakes.

Kerry tackles these challenges with a little science, a dash of fun, and a lot of understanding. She uncovers the different ways we think about money and what we can do to fix it.

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