The desire to change our financial behavior is universal. My talks resonate with audiences of all generations because we all feel it – financial anxiety is real.

When it comes to personal finance, we can be our own worst enemies, prone to biases and flawed decision-making. Being human with money is complicated, and it shouldn’t be.

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I‘m a public speaker and I love doing virtual talks too.

I’ve spoken at numerous organizations, financial institutions, education federations, unions, governments, and diverse groups of entrepreneurs who all want to master the mindset of money, and be entertained by our common missteps.

Keynotes and virtual talks that increase financial wellness.

And inspire meaningful, powerful change.

Words from an attendee sum it up perfectly:
“phenomenal presentation!”

— Lyanne Campbell, Manager of Marketing Services, Synergy Credit Union

Kerry is amazing!
Our session was a big hit.

— Canadian Association of Financial Aid Administrators

The organizations who recognize these challenges have it right. They know when their teams are feeling less financial stress at home they’re happier everywhere. At home, in life, and at work.

There’s a lot we can do.

You Might Have Seen Me On


Mastering money is just a matter of using some common sense, right? Make a budget, spend less than you earn, cut out the coffee, and you’ll be a millionaire in no time, right? Nope.

The problem is money isn’t just about math (or coffee) – our money sense is often influenced by sneaky subconscious biases and habits that turn our good intentions into costly mistakes.

Kerry K. Taylor tackles these challenges with a little science, a dash of fun, and a lot of understanding. Behavioral research has uncovered the different ways we think about money, and we can leverage these biases to increase our wealth, health, and happiness.

Combining her interdisciplinary background in science, finance, and journalism with her seemingly irrelevant experience in triathlon racing, organic farming, and sketching on napkins, Kerry explains how our very human behaviors curb our ability to master money, and what we can do to fix it.

The desire to improve financial wellness is universal.


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