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Short Bio

Kerry K. Taylor is recognized as one of the top personal finance voices in Canada. She is a financial journalist, professional speaker, and creator of the award-winning financial website Squawkfox.com. She is the host of The Cash and Kerry Podcast.

Kerry is an expert commentator on lifestyle shows and breaking news programs. She has written for the Globe and Mail, Toronto Star, and numerous international publications. She is the author of 397 Ways to Save Money.

Born and raised in Toronto, Kerry can also be found driving an orange tractor in rural British Columbia.

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Longer Bio

Born and raised in Toronto, I moved to an organic farm in rural British Columbia and built a socially compassionate platform that reaches millions. The desire to increase financial independence is universal, and that’s central to what we do here.

Through our award-winning blog Squawkfox, keynote speeches, a national bestselling book, The Cash and Kerry Podcast, and an audience across 135 countries, I help people like you master the mindset of money and take the steps to get results.

“How did you get started?”

I started Squawkfox in 2007. I liked the idea of a “squawk box” – an intercom speaker used on trading floors. But who wants to be a box? A fox sounds more fun. In 2008 life got serious when the financial crisis hit, and Squawkfox went viral with millions of visitors.

I became one of the world’s top personal finance bloggers, and was voted Canada’s best money blog by The Globe and Mail in 2010. Chatelaine named Squawkfox the “gold standard” for financial blogging in 2014 for inspiring readers to make wiser financial decisions.

With the international success of Squawkfox, I quit my 9-5 and became a columnist for The Globe and Mail, The Toronto Star, and I often appeared on lifestyle shows The Marilyn Denis Show, Canada AM, and CTV’s Your Morning.

I’m also a regular contributor to CBC’s The National and radio programs around the world. I respond to media inquiries quickly.

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I’m here to help. Our site comes from a place of kindness and caring — there’s no shame or blame here! Through our tools and resources, we hope to impact your life in a positive way and improve your wealth, health, and happiness.

Whether you’re new to money, reducing debt, saving for something big, or looking to invest, we’re here to help you reach your financial goals with a hint of humour and a lot of evidence-based support.

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