The Olive Rule: Track your spending to prevent the pits

The Olive Rule

A simple spending tally was all it took to see I’d been spending $75 per month on olives. Seeing where your money is spent can be an eye-opening (and jaw-dropping) experience.

Five unconventional ways to get your financial act together


Yes, building a budget, tracking spending, and paying yourself first are the tested pillars of saving money. But adding a few unconventional strategies into the mix can add to your bottom line too.

5 free budget and personal finance apps for everyone

budgeting apps

Keeping track of your cash is easy with the right tool on your smartphone.

Sometimes you have to shave the Yak

Backtrack on this yak -- he's already been shaved.

The local petting zoo may be the perfect place to face your financial challenges.

Part Two: How to get married for $239

backyard wedding ideas

Follow these ten tips to plan your wedding on a tight budget.

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