Actual live footage of me starting TWO new shows — SquawkfoxTV and The Cash and Kerry Podcast.

dan ariely

It’s live, and YES that’s world-renowned behavioral economist Dan Ariely raising a glass of vino. OMG, guys. CHEERS!

SquawkfoxTV and The Cash and Kerry Podcast are both written, produced, and created by me (Kerry) and build on the interviews and stories from my viral blog, I’m beyond thrilled to have a very large subscriber-ship and worldwide audience of all ages, life stages, and generations. There is something here for everyone.



SquawkfoxTV is full of fun, smart, and actionable advice to help you make smarter financial decisions and build better money habits to increase your wealth, health, and happiness.

Because money isn’t just about math, we explore:

  • Behavioral Economics
  • Emotions & Money
  • Saving & Spending
  • Investing
  • And the VERY relatable irrational habits we have when it comes to money!

With a little wit and a lot of wisdom, my guests reveal the everyday money mistakes and missteps that can affect your future, and how to fix it!

Get inspired, grow stronger, and build confidence with your finances.

The Cash and Kerry Podcast

Prefer podcasts? The Cash and Kerry Podcast is the sister ‘audio only’ version of SquawkfoxTV. Same amazing guests, just delivered on your fav podcasting platform.

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