Are you navigating the world on one income? Covering all the household expenses on your own?

Singles and money is a topic often missed by the media. I am guilty of focusing on multi-person households or roomie living, too. So let’s fix that.

Maybe you’re a student, single by choice, divorced, or widowed.

If this doesn’t sound like you today, think again. Close to 50% of us will spend stretches of time solo living either by choice or circumstance.

And while getting it all done on a single’s income has advantages, there are challenges too. Let’s talk about both!

“It’s a different planning process for someone that’s single. Whether recently or longtime divorced, chosen single, or bereaved, there’s different steps to take and it isn’t something that’s talked about,” says Julie Shipley-Strickland.

Today’s Cash and Kerry Podcast is for all the single and solo people managing the complex world of personal finance on your own terms.

I’ve got the authors of The Canadian’s Guide to Personal Finance for Singles to share the strategies to help. Julie Shipley-Strickland, senior wealth advisor with Wellington-Altus Private Wealth, and Bryan Borzykowski, business journalist and founder of ALLCAPS Content, answer all the questions.

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • The blind spots where singles may be most financially vulnerable (& how to fix them)
  • Home ownership and budgeting strategies
  • How to invest, save, and plan for the future

This interview is a MUST for everyone – I know these tips will help singles today and those who may be flying solo tomorrow.

With all my love and support,