“You just need to be more creative, more determined, and more informed to make good decisions.”

I was cheering (quietly) from my little bookcase studio when Erica Alini, Personal Finance Reporter at The Globe and Mail and author of Money Like You Mean It: Personal Finance Tactics for the Real World, dropped this reality on The Cash and Kerry Podcast.

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Getting money right is a lot more complex today.

Many of us absorb some pretty unproductive financial beliefs and behaviors from family and friends.

Add in trading platforms that gamify furious stock buying, social media sites that spread financial misinformation while feeding FOMO, and you’ve got the recipe for financial destruction at your fingertips.

Having a trusted toolkit that breaks it all down is what we need.

This is where Erica shines.

“I wanted to write a comprehensive book that was a reference guide, a go-to place to go over as you face different big choices in your life financially.”

With all these competing sources of information, it’s too easy to make poor financial decisions and develop damaging money habits. I haven’t counted every one of them but I know many of our money mistakes sideline us because we’re human – so you’re not alone.

5 Personal Finance Tactics for the Real World

In today’s episode with Erica Alini, author of Money Like You Mean It, you’ll discover:

  • How to buy a home in a competitive housing market (and should you?)
  • Can you job-hop your way to higher pay?
  • How the ‘over-under game’ is a must-know negotiation tactic for job seekers
  • Why learning how to invest is not negotiable (and where to start)
  • How the ‘retirement myth’ is detrimental to your future (and what to do about it)

If you’ve wished for clarity on how to negotiate a salary or raise, wanted the steps to invest in a confusing market, or wondered if you should join “The Great Resignation”, then this episode is for you! Erica shares financial tactics for the real world, understands the complexity of personal finance for Millennials and Gen Z today, and unlocks the path to making the most of your money.

The bonus is you’ve never seen two money writers having so much fun. Laugh and learn with us, you won’t regret it!

No matter what your financial situation is right now, I promise you have the power to make it 10,000X better – and today’s episode can help!

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