Is the cost of living stretching you to the limit? Does anxiety over rising inflation, creeping debt, and scarcity of time play on repeat in your mind?

It’s not your fault. There’s science showing the ways we think about saving, spending, and borrowing can be influenced by stress and technology vying for our time. Many of us haven’t felt this pressure before, so our money mindset could use a boost.

There’s real help. Our “new normal” may be overwhelming today, but you’d be amazed how understanding a little bit of money-psychology could improve your life forever.

Combat uncertainty with neuroscience

I spoke with two behavioural scientists who can help us navigate our new normal.

Michelle Hilscher, Vice President at BEworks and Juan Camilo Salcedo, Regional Director in LATAM at BEworks have the science-backed ways to help.

It all starts with understanding your brain and adopting a few key practices to stay on track.

“A first step in knowing that you’re susceptible,” says Juan Camilo Salcedo. “With scarcity mindset, with present bias, it’s being aware of these biases [so you can] counter some of the negative effects. When money or time is scarce – you might not be making your best financial decision.”

In this episode you’ll learn how four financial trends and behavioural biases can prevent you from living the life you want.

  1. Discover how time constraints can increase your spending.
  2. Learn how to lower your stress and anxiety by making credit painful. Srsly!
  3. Avoid the online checkout tech that erodes your wealth.
  4. Uncover how financial apps can hinder and hide your essential information.

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Once you’ve watched, take a deep breath and reflect how scarcity, ease of credit, checkout tech like Buy Now Pay Later, and financial apps can impact your spending and ability to save across many areas in your life.

And finally…

Don’t let financial stress — or an untrained mind — hold you back.
Your “new normal” doesn’t have to be your forever.

Love love love,

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