Are you afraid to ask for more? Whether it’s getting paid what you deserve or overcoming the fear to negotiate a higher salary, here are three little words we all need to embrace:

Know. Your. Worth.

I know this is a tough one because I’ve lived through too many salary negotiations to count. It doesn’t seem to matter what industry I’ve worked in, what job I’ve had, or what career path I’ve navigated because I’ve ALWAYS struggled to get paid what I’m worth.

Maybe it’s self doubt, or imposter syndrome, or the fear of not getting the gig because I dared to negotiate for more. It doesn’t matter why I stumbled so hard, the truth is there’s always room to learn and grow from the experience.

In this episode Erica Alini, author of Money Like you Mean It: Personal Finance Tactics for the Real World, shares her must-know salary negotiation strategies so you don’t leave money on the table. You’ll discover:

  • How to stop undervaluing yourself, your time, and your worth
  • Why thinking beyond your base salary can pay off huge
  • How the ‘over-under game’ is a must-know negotiation tactic
  • Why you should go first when negotiating (it’s a behavioral science trick)
  • How to job-hop your way to higher pay
  • Why finding an ‘ally’ is the salary superpower you need

With The Great Resignation upon us, Erica says “we have a very tight labor market with all kinds of labor shortages. Workers in so many industries have more bargaining power than they’ve had in decades.”

(If you need a little nudge, I’ve got a short Resignation Letter Example that’ll help you get the job done.)

Watch the full episode: 5 Personal Finance Tactics for the Real World

Another reason to job-hop to higher pay is to keep up with the crazy pace of inflation increasing our cost of living (OMG my grocery bill) while eroding buying power. Cries.

If you need the motivation to switch jobs or want to learn how collecting ‘ground intelligence’ can help you avoid getting paid too little, then this episode is a must-watch!

You deserve to get paid for your time and talent.

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