Grocery price scanners. They’re supposed to make buying food at the register fast, easy, and accurate. But it never fails. I guesstimate every 12th or so grocery item in my cart is scanned incorrectly, overcharging me.

Since I watch closely, I can’t help but notice how many scans are inaccurate and ding me extra dollars. Just last week I corrected the busy cashier on three items which scanned and overcharged me $4.23. On a grocery bill of $63, I was overcharged 6.7 percent of my total grocery bill. Yikes!


I admit it’s hard to watch my groceries scan. There’s a lot to do at the till. I have to ready my reusable grocery bags, then bag my groceries, then pay the bill. But for me, making the effort to watch my wares ring through is worth it. So I wonder…

Question: Are you ever overcharged at the grocery register? Do you watch your groceries scan? Do you say anything?

Fox’s Answers:

  • Yes. I always watch my groceries scan at the register. I have my eye on every scanning detail, and count every over dinged dollar.
  • Accuracy is hit and miss. The most inaccurate scans tend to be on sale items, produce, and non-packaged foods.
  • I correct all false scans. I must admit, I feel kind of foul telling the cashier something scanned inaccurately, especially when there’s a line-up behind me. But hey, it’s my money.

Got some thoughts on scanning at the register? Share your scanning wins and woes!