This is the introduction to a multiple part series on How to Write a Cover Letter (that gets job interviews).

Do you have it covered? When you hand over your radical resume to a prospective employer do you really have it covered with the best possible cover letter?

If you’re not sure or just plain baffled when it comes to writing a convincing cover letter then this series is for you! I’ve waited a while to follow-up the insanely popular series How to Write a Resume with some stuff on cover letters. But after your numerous kind emails and endless searches for “cover letters” on this blog, I’ve finally succumbed to your cover letter queries and questions. I sincerely believe that this series will give you the answers to help you get covered.

How to Write a Cover Letter Series:
  1. Cover Letter Anatomy
  2. 6 Sucky Things
  3. 5 Rockin’ Things
  4. Cover Letter Formats
  5. Cover Letter Examples
  6. Free Cover Letter Templates

About the Cover Letter Writing Series

Landing a job interview is tough. I’ve been there and I know you’ve been there too. There’s nothing more frustrating then sending your resume and cover letter to dozens of employers only to hear zero to no responses in return [enter sounds of crickets chirping here].

But there are some easy ways to get past the sounds of radio silence and get some interest from prospective employers. In this series I’m going to show you how to do it. I’ll also deal with these common cover letter writing issues:

  • How to organize your cover letter.
  • Stuff you must include.
  • Things to avoid.
  • How many pages? What format?
  • And much more!

Since I’m a generous (and somewhat insane) blogger, I may just include a few free cover letter examples, free cover letter templates, and some sample cover letters to help you along the way.

So now what?

This blog has a lot of resume writing, career searching, and job hunting posts to getcha going while you’re waiting for more on cover letters. Within these posts you’ll find lots of free downloads, resume examples, job hunting tips, and career path guides all wrapped up in a fun style for those a little stressed with the job search.

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Series | How to Write a Resume:

  1. 10 Things that Define a Killer Resume
  2. 10 Ways to Build a Resume Like a Professional Resume Writer: The Do’s
  3. 10 Deadly Sins of Resume Writing
  4. Anatomy of a Killer Resume
  5. 6 Words That Make Your Resume Suck
  6. 6 Action Words That Make Your Resume Rock
  7. 8 Keywords That Set Your Resume On Fire
  8. 3 Resume Formats: Chronological, Functional, or Screw Both?
  9. Free Resume Examples with Resume Tips
  10. Get Your Resume Template! (three for free)

If you’re looking for work and have worn shoes from pounding the pavement, then put your feet up (take a breather) and get familar with this job hunting series:

Series | Four Ways to Kick Start Your Job Hunt:

  1. How to Choose a New Career
  2. How to Find a Job
  3. How to Research a Prospective Employer
  4. How to Match Your Skills to Employer Requirements (free printable worksheet)

If you’re at a crossroads with where to start (or where to go next) in your career, then get back to the basics and find out what really makes you tick with this career series:

Series | Five Paths to Choosing Your Perfect Career:

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Now sit back and get ready to write a cover letter that sells your skills, shows your strengths, and gets you that job interview!