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Ever search around for a free resume template just to find some unhelpful career advice website burying their stingy resume tips under heaps of bull$hit? It’s annoying – especially when you’ve got time commitments and need to write that resume yesterday. So the BS stops here. I know the economy is cool and your resume has got to be hot to get noticed amongst the competition.

Resume Writing Series:
  1. What is a Killer Resume?
  2. 10 Resume Do’s
  3. 10 Resume Sins
  4. Resume Anatomy
  5. 6 Sucky Resume Words
  6. 6 Resume Action Words
  7. 8 Resume Keywords
  8. 3 Resume Formats
  9. Free Resume Examples
  10. Free Resume Template

To help, I’ve put together 3 free Microsoft Word resume templates to help you get writing. Check out the article about resume formats to help you choose the right resume template for your situation. You might even find these resume examples helpful.

Now, I’ve never been a fan of the generic blank resume template since they lack character – so if you’ve got the time, do try to add your custom spin on these templates to liven things up! Now get downloading ’cause there’s a job out there waiting for your greatness!

Chronological Resume Template

Choose the chronological resume format if you have a steady work history with few breaks, if you’re staying in the same field, or if your job titles show increased responsibility and higher position levels. See a chronological resume example for some additional ideas.

Chronological Resume Template

Free Download: Chronological Resume Template

Functional Resume Template

Consider using the functional resume format if you want to highlight specific skills, if you’re re-entering the job market after an absence, when you have a wide variety of different or unrelated work experiences, or if you’re looking for your first job as a new college graduate. Here’s a functional resume example if you need to see this resume template in action!

Functional Resume Template

Free Download: Functional Resume Template

Combination Resume Template

Use the combination resume format to highlight your transferable skills from numerous jobs or volunteer work, when your work experience differs from your desired career path, or if most of your work had been short term. Check out this combination resume example to help you decide if this resume format is for you.

Combination Resume Template

Free Download: Combination Resume Template

I’ve had a lot of fun (and I’ve spent countless hours) blogging the How to Write a Resume series for your reading pleasure. While being “squawky” and entertaining throughout the series was my way to make a stressful task more fun, my ultimate goal is to hopefully help all you job hunters find work in this miserable economy. I fully admit that landing a job interview isn’t easy, but putting your best foot forward with an exceptional resume is a sure fire way to get some face time with a hiring manager.

The Resume Critique Contest is now CLOSED!

The resume critique contest is now closed. Thank you for your interest.

To celebrate the completion of this massive resume writing series I’ve decided to do something a little different here at Squawkfox – I’d like to give TWO readers a free resume critique! So if you’ve been sending out your skills with no employer bites, now’s your chance to get a little resume advice for free!

Just to be clear I’m not writing your resume, but rather sharing some ideas on how to make it killer. I’ve never run a contest before and I have no idea how many entries I’ll get, so I’ve got some simple requirements to make this fun and fair. Here are the rad contest rules:

  • In 140 characters (or less) tell me why I should critique YOUR resume. If you’re on Twitter you may have some practice with writing short.
  • Your 140 character sentence can be serious or humorous.
  • Enter by commenting on this post or by privately sending me an email.
  • The deadline is Monday May 4th, 2008. 5PM Pacific Daylight Savings Time. Seriously enough time to write 140 characters.
  • If you’re shy and don’t want to comment, send your entry to: squawkfox [at] gmail [dot] com
  • One entry per person.
  • Please DO NOT send me any resumes at this time.

Update: Yes you can enter via Twitter (I’ve had a few Tweeples ask). Just be sure to @squawkfox with a “w” in “squawk”. 🙂

I’ll pick my TWO favorite 140 character submissions on Tuesday May 5th and contact the winners privately to send me their resumes. I’ll then write up a private resume critique to help the winners improve their resume and hopefully get them closer to landing that job interview.

I’m really looking forward to seeing what you can do in 140 characters to convince me to critique your resume! If there’s enough interest (and with your permission) I may even write a post to share the best 140 character entries!

The resume critique contest is now closed. Thank you for your interest.