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It’s always a little bit easier to polish up a resume or write a cover letter when you’ve got a few resume cover letter samples to mull over. Since I’ve spent eons mulling over and contemplating job applications, I’ll spare you some grief and just give you some sample cover letters for free.

Both of these cover letter examples are based on the Classic and Contemporary Cover Letter Formats, so if you’ve read through this series then you’ll know what I’m squawking about. If you’re looking at your computer screen with a blank stare, don’t fret. This blog is a fret-free zone. Got it? Good!

Cover Letter Writing Series:
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  2. 6 Sucky Things
  3. 5 Rockin’ Things
  4. Cover Letter Formats
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  6. Free Cover Letter Templates

Each sample cover letter includes a little bio of the example job seeker to give you an idea if a particular cover letter format is a fit for you. So be sure to grab your target job, match your skills to the employer’s requirements, and get downloading these free cover letter samples. Ohh, and there are a few free resume examples available for download too. Aren’t I a super nice gal? Um, don’t answer that.

Classic Cover Letter Examples

The Classic cover letter format is the traditional method of formatting a cover letter since the content resembles a business letter.

Job Seeker Bio: Cindy Smyth, Administrative Assistant

In this sample cover letter, job seeker Cindy Smyth is applying for a job as an administrative assistant in the financial industry. She has opted to use the Classic cover letter format since her application is brief and the company she is applying to is fairly traditional.

sample cover letters cover letter examples classic
Free Download: Classic Cover Letter Example
(Administrative Assistant Example)

Cover Letter Tips

Contemporary Cover Letter Examples

The Contemporary cover letter format starts as a regular business letter, but instead of selling your skills in paragraphs, just list your stuff in a few bullet points. It’s easiest to write a Contemporary cover letter by copying the strongest points from your resume.

Job Seeker Bio: Jane Smith, Software Developer

In this sample cover letter, job seeker Jane Smith is the perfect candidate for the Contemporary cover letter format.

She has skills that are easily highlighted in bulleted points and her industry is not traditional. Due to the number of applicants in the technical field, I bet her hiring manager would appreciate a scannable cover letter.

sample cover letters cover letter examples contemporary letter
Free Download: Contemporary Cover Letter Example
(Software Developer Example)

Cover Letter Tips

  • Compare Jane’s sample cover letter with her sample resume and the target job. See how they match?
  • It’s easiest to write a Contemporary cover letter after the resume, since the best points are pulled from the latter.
  • Don’t be lazy and just list points. Be sure to write a solid introduction and finish with a flourish.

I keep getting emails about my resume advice and I love your feedback. Thank you! Please let me know if these sample cover letters are helpful. Now stay tuned for the next (and last) installment of the How to Write a Cover Letter series since I may include a free cover letter template (or two). 🙂