I’m really excited to reveal my new Portfolio MER Calculator.

I wanted to create a calculator to show you how those hideous management expense ratio fees (MERs) can eat up your mutual fund portfolio returns, year after year.

My hope is you will save big investment bucks tomorrow by learning how your fees eat into your returns today.

Use the Portfolio MER Calculator to:

  • Tally the average MER for your portfolio.
  • Tally how much you pay yearly (or dearly) for the total funds held in your portfolio.
  • Tally how much you pay for each individual fund based on its percentage in your portfolio.
  • Run reports to see the big fee picture.

To use the Portfolio MER Calculator:

  1. Open the Portfolio MER Calulator.
  2. In Total Portfolio Value: $, enter the total value of your portfolio in dollars (for example: 25000).
  3. Enter the Fund Name, MER, and the Portfolio % this fund comprises in your total portfolio.
  4. Click Add Fund to add a new line and to continue building your portfolio.
  5. Continue entering fund data until you have entered 100 percent of your portfolio value.
  6. Click Calculate. Your portfolio Average MER and Yearly Expense displays.
  7. Click View Report. A detailed report displays and outlines the cost of each individual fund. Use this report to make better informed decisions when buying mutual funds.

Let me know what you think!