Over the last week, and the weeks leading up to last week, I’ve had a whirlwind of presentations in need of preparation. So I prepared. And practiced. And prepped some more.

You see, I’m a bit of a reluctant speaker. I often get asked to talk to groups, but I haven’t said ‘YES’ until now. Since my chit-chats are now online for all to see, I thought I’d share my appearances and presentations with you guys here to find out what ya think!

The Morning Show — Global Toronto

I was super excited when the fine folks of The Morning Show, on Global Toronto, asked me to share five of my favorite money-saving tips with hosts Liza Fromer, Dave Gerry, Kris Reyes and Rosey Edeh.

Global The Morning Show

My call time was 7:20AM, which was 4:20AM in my jet lagged Pacific time zone state. This required a wake up call of 2AM after flying the red-eye overnight to get to the studio on time. Phew. Big hugs to the gorgeous makeup gal who turned my fug into something less of a mug.

Despite being a little worn and traveled, I HAD A BLAST on the show! Check out The Morning Show clip to see what I squawked about.

The Morning Show Squawkfox
Global Toronto Studio: The Morning Show Hosts

The Morning Show: Personal finance blogger Kerry K. Taylor is here to share some tips on keeping more money in your pockets. From scoring free groceries by watching the scanner to raising your insurance deductibles, she’s got helpful hints.

Talkin’ to Bloggers about Blogging

I’ve never discussed the challenges of blogging in this space. I prefer to focus on the stuff we all care about — personal finance and saving money. But after the surprising popularity of my talk at the Canadian Personal Finance Conference 2012, I’ve decided to share my slide presentation with you guys.

Squawkfox CPFC12

On September 21st I gave a one hour talk called How to get millions of people to read your blog. My intention was to show the incredible amount of work required to keep Squawkfox.com alive and kicking. The result was squawking a presentation people really liked! ‘People’ being some of the most prominent money bloggers and financial journalists in Canada. Seriously.

My slideshow doesn’t include my voice (so sorry), but you’ll see some behind the scenes shots at Squawkfox Central (me in PJs) and get an idea of the viral posts you liked best, and a few of my favorite squawks too.

There’s even a review of my talk, Squawkfox Talks: The Speaking Secret From Kerry K. Taylor.

I guess my lesson is, I kinda like public speaking after all!