I’ve never worked a job where I’ve had to wear 15 pieces of flair. If the movie Office Space is the documentary of your life, then you know what I’m squawking about.

Anyhoo, most days I get by with very little flair buttoned to my blouse — except yesterday.

orange pants

While wearing (OK, gardening in) this classy, colour-coordinated, orange ensemble with a pair of clashing pink Crocs (Yes people, Crocs!), I learned that a very kind money blogger included a quote from me in her very first glossy magazine story.

Look out fashion world (cough), I’m quoted in the May 2012 edition of Flare Magazine.

Congratulations (and a BIG thank you) to Krystal Yee, of Give Me Back My Five Bucks fame, for the fun and frugal fashiony piece!

Flare Magazine

Flare Magazine | Getting Out of Debt: Confessions of a (former) shopaholic | By Krystal Yee

‘Cause really people, nothing says I’m quoted in a HIGH QUALITY FASHION MAGAZINE like an orange pair of clam diggers and pink Crocs. Scarlett Johansson, eat your heart out. Smile.

Feeling gouged? The nine biggest rip-offs out there

The numero uno story in the April 17th edition of The Globe and Mail wasn’t written by me. It was written by personal finance reporter and editor Roma Luciw. Yay!

The cool thing about this top story is I got to gripe (publicly, for once) about life’s biggest wallet-whopping rip-offs.

Since I love a good (wallet) whopping, I shared my top three rip-offs with Ms. Luciw. Weddings, bank fees, and branded cleaning products topped my hit list. Globe and Mail readers had 477 other ideas at last count. Yeah, that’s nearly FIVE HUNDRED comments on a single story. I guess we Canucks love a good money gripe.

Globe and Mail squawkfox

Globe and Mail | Feeling gouged? The nine biggest rip-offs out there | By Roma Luciw

This story was spun off in the Home Cents Blog later that week with reporter Dianne Nice’s Ten total rip-offs that drive us mad.

Again, hundreds of comments.

Go ahead and read these stories. Leave (a few) comments. Enjoy!