It’s not everyday a financial writer is invited to do comedy on The Comedy Network. So when The Late O’Clock News with Paul Lemieux asked me to share my financial thoughts on Black Friday, I jumped at the chance with both Fluevogs flying through the air. (FYI: Fluevogs are my weird shoes.)


Anyways, you guys all know how I feel about impulse shopping, faux holiday sales events, and the cost of collecting too much crap so poking a little bit of fun at Black Friday craziness seemed like a good idea at the time.


And what a time it was. Smile. In under 2 minutes I convinced host and comedy journalist extraordinaire (Paul Lemieux) to pitch a tent (in preparation for Black Friday shopping) — something he had never done before.


Catch The Late O’Clock News Black Friday clip here, and then tell me how I did.

The Fine Print: I have a hunch the clip is only viewable to those with a Canadian IP address.

kerryktaylor paul lemieux

My sincere apologies to my many American readers who want to watch, but I guess restricting access to content is an unfunny thing comedy networks do sometimes. Hugs.