Over the last few weeks the Globe and Mail polled their readers to reveal their favorite money blogs. Well, the results are in and Squawkfox took a podium position in third place. Wow!

I just want to thank everyone who took a moment to click me a vote. Thank you! I am beyond overwhelmed to be grouped with some amazing money blogs and very honored to be nominated by Chaya Cooperberg, who blogs at Home Cents (a very smart and savvy blog).

Business News Network (BNN) Covers the Top 5

The Globe and Mail poll results were also featured on the Business News Network (BNN) program The Close. In the show the hosts discuss “What Makes a Good Blog?” with personal finance columnist Rob Carrick, who shares his thoughts on the top five blogs selected by readers. Here’s the 7:00 minute clip!

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business news network bnn blogs squawkfox

View Results on BNN: Watch the Show!

In the clip the hosts refer to me as an organic farmer. I should clarify that I LIVE on an organic farm but it’s my father-in-law who is the farmer. I just help out whenever I’m allowed too. 😉

Thank you so much for your votes!