It’s here! My book has finally launched and landed! I’m so excited to be holding a copy of 397 Ways To Save Money in my hands. This super savvy and fun book is just the ticket for finding ways to spend smarter and live well on less in any economy – and I show you how!

397 Ways To Save Money Kerry K. Taylor Book

With tips, tricks and ideas that range from long-term savings to instant cash in your pocket, my new book makes living on a budget easy, and even fun. If you’ve been reading my blog for a while (or have just found me recently) then you know my writing style has a unique flair and my articles are full of helpful facts.

I wrote 397 Ways To Save Money (published by Harper Collins Canada) from a perspective that runs contrary to the way most books in the personal finance field are written. I wrote from the eyes of an average person with an average salary and with a sense of humor. The book is a very accessible guide that offers saving savvy that you don’t need to be a financial planner to understand. I also did the math for you – I gave you the financial Bottom Line, so you’re not left wondering if a tip is worth it. I hope you find this book more than worth it. In fact, you may just laugh yourself all the way to your no-fee bank account.

About 397 Ways To Save Money

Believe it or not, you have money. It’s hard to see it, but hidden in among tax bills, mortgage or rent payments, bags of groceries, debt repayments and all the myriad costs of daily life, there’s money waiting to be saved – you just need to know where to look.

And that’s why I wrote 397 Ways To Save Money. I wanted to take the challenge out of saving money by showing you hundreds of painless ways to spend smarter and save more for yourself without scrimping or pinching pennies. I wanted to show you all the money sucking traps and savvy saving ways I’ve used in my life to pay off $17,000 of debt in six months and then save my way to a six-figure portfolio. Seriously. If I can dig myself out of debt and save some big bucks then I know you can too!

397 Ways To Save Money Book Contents

In the book I take you on a tour of your home and show you all the hidden savings waiting to be found. By looking in every corner of every room in your house, from the kitchen to the closet, and by considering the needs of every member of your family, from your toddler to you dog, I uncover the easy ways to find thousands in savings without changing what you love about your life. The format of the book is easy to follow and it’s easy to find the areas in your life that could use some savings.


PART ONE of the book looks at the big decisions in life and calculates the costs of the roof over your head, shows you where the best financial and banking deals can be found, and shares my smart shopping (and spending) tactics. I write about finding better deals on credit cards, how to banish banking fees, find smarter ways to invest, and how to buy life insurance without getting screwed.

PART TWO is electrifying and shows you where to put a plug in energy costs. This Home Maintenance part is chock full of practical and helpful ways to truly cut down on the expenses you don’t always see – costs like daily care for your home, energy, and cleaning. I give you my recipes for frugal home care cleaners that really work and can spare your family from breathing the toxic ingredients contained in brand name cleaning products. I do the math and show you the Bottom Line for how much can be saved by doing a particular tip.

PART THREE is a guided tour of your home. You’ll be amazed to count the costs and find the money hidden in your bathroom, kitchen, laundry room, and garage. I even share my organic farming know-how in Chapter 15: Outside Your Home where I write about lawn care, container gardening, planting vegetables, growing plants from cuttings, saving seeds, composting, and how to raise backyard chickens. I cluck you not!

PART FOUR contains checklists and practical plans to start your adventures in saving today. The chapter 18 Ways to Save on Your Next Family Vacation could save you thousands when it’s time to take the kids on a trip. And because I love my dog and have a soft spot for pets, I wrote my take on Ways to Save on your Furry Friends to keep the financial fur from flying. Hint: Brushing your dog’s teeth could spare your huggable hound from expensive dental surgery and save your wallet from getting bitten!

Overall I’m beyond thrilled with my first book. I wrote from my heart and wanted to give you my best tips for saving money when the budget is tight.

I Did the Money Saving Math for You!

I think one of the biggest strengths with 397 Ways To Save Money is I did the math for you. I crunched the numbers, I calculated the compound interest, and I showed the financial savings you can expect from each and every tip. Trust me, calculating mortgage costs, gas efficiency, grocery savings, and energy expenses is no easy task – but I did it to factually help you decide if a money saving way is going to be applicable to your personal and family situation.

In doing the math I made every money saving tip of the highest QUALITY. There’s nothing in the book like cutting off the end of a toothpaste tube to save a fraction of a cent. Rather, every tip is practical, meaningful, and shows you HOW to save some cash since I’ve crunched the numbers. Each tip ends with a Bottom Line that shows you the money, honey.

Where to Buy the Book!

397 Ways To Save Money is available through for $10.94CDN, or about $9USD. The book is also available at Indigo, Chapters, NcNally Robinson, and many local book stores in your province.

American and International Readers Can Get it Too!

There are a few instances where I make some Canadian references, but 99% of the book is universal and can be applied internationally! So far 397 Ways To Save Money is only available through but they ship across the border and internationally too! Don’t let a little shipping fee scare you, with the strength of international currencies against the Canadian dollar you’re gonna save some coin on exchange rates!

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I wrote 397 Ways To Save Money because saving money is fun and easy if you know where to look. Now go and save yourself rich. 😉