I’ve created a few calculators to help you determine if invested dollars make cents.

Credit Card Calculator

credit card calculator
Use the Credit Card Calculator to calculate your total interest paid based on your minimum monthly payment. Results will shock you!

Mortgage Calculator

mortgage calculator loan debt
Use the Mortgage Calculator to enter the mortgage loan amount and to calculate how current mortgage rates can impact your mortgage payments.

Time for a Gas Efficient Car?

gas efficient car calculator
Use the Should You Buy a More Gas Efficient Car? calculator to determine the break even point of a new car based on gas consumption.

Gas Mileage Calculator

gas mileage calculator
Use the Gas Mileage Calculator to determine how much fuel your vehicle consumes.

Rent vs. Buy Calculator

rent vs buy calculator
Use the Rent vs. Buy Calculator to decide whether buying a new home makes financial sense when comparing renting costs to buying costs.

Loan Amortization Calculator

loan calculator
Use the Loan Amortization Calculator to calculate the following: the monthly payment, total payments, and total interest paid.

Portfolio MER Calculator

mortfolio mer calculator
Use the Portfolio MER Calculator to tally the average management expense ratio (MER) for your portfolio. Results may shock you.