Rent vs. Buy Calculator

Use the Rent vs. Buy Calculator to decide whether buying a new home makes financial sense when comparing renting costs to buying costs. This tool may inspire you to save more for a downpayment or to invest your savings.

Renting and Buying Information

Financial Information
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Rent Information
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Monthly Insurance: ?

Home Information
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Mortgate Rate: ? *
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Results Report

Purchase Summary
Monthly Mortgate Payment: $0.00
Total Monthly Payment: $0.00

Summary When Buying Breaks Even
Number of Years never
Investment Size if Renting $0.00
Amount Ahead by Renting $0.00

Summary When Buying Passes Renting
Number of Years never
Net Worth $0.00

Buying Summary After x Years
Value of Home $0.00
Equity in Home $0.00
Tax Savings $0.00
Net Amount After Sale $0.00
Profit by Buying $0.00

Renting Summary After x Years
Total Rent Paid $0.00
Size of Investment $0.00
Profit by Renting $0.00
You should RENT! You will be ahead by $0.00 after 0 years.