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Published On: December 16th, 2022

My bookshelf. “What’s on it?” “What’s good?” “Is that a frog?” I get a lot of curious questions, and they all make me laugh.

✅ Yep, lots on it
✅ Many are fantastic
✅ Yes, it’s a frog-like thing

Today I’m sharing the books I loved this year. Some are personal finance, others behavioral science, and one is the definition of noteworthy.

Let’s do this!

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1 big thing: 7 notable reads for 2023

1. 🧠 The Psychology of Money, By Morgan Housel

Housel is a master storyteller – his twenty brief chapters offer fascinating history lessons mixed with insights into the human condition and money. Lessons on wealth, greed, and happiness are the focus, plus you’ll walk away with a far better understanding of why we’re (probably) wired to repeat our mistakes time and time again.

2. 🦢 How to Change, By Katy Milkman

Who doesn’t want to change something, anything about themselves? Milkman explains the science behind behavior change, how to improve our habits, and best of all – how to make it stick! I loved this read so much I also got the audio book. Milkman is a fantastic narrator – she’s like a good friend telling you the truth on how to become the best version of yourself.

3. ✅ Get It Done, By Ayelet Fishbach

Goals, goals, and the science behind setting and achieving your goals is what Get It Done is all about. Fishbach’s stories and studies on motivation are fantastic and relatable since procrastination is a challenge for most of us. Fishbach shares the science and strategies to move you in the right direction.

4. ⚖️ Balance, By Andrew Hallam

He’s the author of Millionaire Teacher, Millionaire Expat, and now Balance. Hallam’s financial wisdom is one ingredient, but his lessons on what truly make us happier and healthier are key. The bonus is my daughter Chloe makes an appearance when he writes about kids and allowances.

Watch my interview with Andrew here: Why Material Things Won’t Make You Happy

5. 💪 Reboot Your Portfolio, By Dan Bortolotti

Many financial experts say “Hey, use exchange traded funds to build a low cost portfolio!” In Reboot Your Portfolio, 9 Steps to Successful Investing with ETFs, Dan Bortolotti shows you how to actually do it. Bortolotti, a financial journalist turned CFP, uses plain language to help you find the right mix of stocks and bonds, choose ETFs, open accounts, and my favorite (because I found it tricky) how to buy ETFs.

The chapter on why active managers and mutual funds can’t beat the market could save you close to half your retirement savings.

6. 🇨🇦 Money Like You Mean It, By Erica Alini

In Money Like You Mean it – Personal Finance Tactics for the Real World, Erica Alini covers everything a Millennial or GenZ should know about housing, debt, life’s curveballs, and why learning about investing is “not optional”! Canadians can rejoice ’cause this one covers TFSAs, RRSPs, and all things Canuck.

Watch my interview with Erica here: 5 Personal Finance Tactics for the Real World

7. 🎯 The Bullet Journal Method, By Ryder Carroll

Learning Carroll’s method was a little tricky at first, with the notations and unique system. Relearning how to put pen to paper was an eye-opener, especially in today’s digital landscape. I think clearer and my world is no longer overwhelmed by the multitude of app trackers vying for my attention. Carroll refers to bullet journaling as “intentional living” and a way to weed out distractions while focusing your time and energy on what’s truly meaningful.

I also rediscovered a love for fountain pens.

🎉 I want to wish you guys happy holidays. See you in the New Year – I’ll be back in January!

Love love love,

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