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Published On: June 23rd, 2023

I’ve got some financially smart Gen Z stuff today. Yay!

School may be out but we never stop learning, right? This week is about sharing free financial courses and resources for all the new grads, future grads, and those who live to learn something new every day.

And while personal finance may not be taught often enough in school, we can catch up starting today.

Let’s do this!

Today’s newsletter is 487 words, 2½ minutes.

10 Mostly Canadian money things worth reading this week

1. The crash course in personal finance you never got in school (PDF) By Erica Alini. A fantastic Canada-only booklet written with Gen Z and younger millennials in mind, but perfect for all. Check out my podcast interview with Erica Alini for more money stuff. (She’s amazing!)

2. How to repair your credit By Doug Hoyes, Licensed Insolvency Trustee. Anyone, including Gen Z’s, can take this free credit repair course, even if you have good credit. It’s a step-by-step, easy-to-follow, masterclass on financial stability and the ‘How To’s’ of debt repayment. I’ve done it thrice! Watch my podcast interview with Doug for many more financial lessons.

3. My Answer to ‘Can You Help Me With My Investments?’ By Michael James on Money. This isn’t a course, but a rather poignant lesson.

4. McGill Personal Finance Essentials. You’ll learn about real estate, budgeting, investing, and borrowing. There’s a section on RRSPs and CPP too. Registration opens August 28th so mark your calendars. Good stuff to know for those heading back to school in September.

5. Money management lessons for life from the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada. A back-to-basics short video course on budgeting, investing, and financial planning.

6. Your health is your wealth. The Science of Well-being is a free course offered by Yale through Coursera. Designed to increase your happiness and build more productive habits with a little behavioural science, this popular class has over 4,450,000 enrollments!

7. For the teens. The Science of Well-Being for Teens is a 6-week course geared to help Gen Z’s. Many science-backed tools to help boost mood and build good habits.

8. How to learn online. With everything going online these days, it’s probably a good idea to learn the essential strategies for successful online learning.

9. Personal Finance 101: Everything You Need to Know. Ok, I’m cheating a wee bit ’cause this course has a tiny section specific to Americans, but everything else is super high level and OK for Canadians.

10. How to Afford the Life you want is my free audio course where I share three science-based tools for building wealth and avoiding the debt traps that cost you. There’s a free companion guide too.

Phew! That’s a whole lotta learning packed into one newsletter. There’s something here for everyone so go ahead and take a peek, grab a coffee, and learn along for free.

Love love love,

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