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Published On: August 11th, 2023

I’ve been doing the media rounds talkin’ about how financial influencersfinfluencers – can harm the financial well-being of nice people on TikTok and across other social media platforms.

Finfluencers often sell unregulated courses, investments (a lot of life insurance), and partner with institutions to promote products. They may even be celebs.

The catch? Well, there’s always a dubious catch when non-credentialed people sell suspect stuff on a platform without any liability.

This week I was on EMPOWERED with host Elizabeth Naumovski to hopefully protect you from the often fraudulent world of finfluencers.

Let’s do this!

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10 Money things worth reading this week

1. Watch Kerry (me) on finfluencer red flags and scams. I’m a little snarky and very grumpy – so this is a fun one! Come join us. Finfluencers & Social Media on EMPOWERED with Elizabeth Naumovski.

2. I shared even more on finfluencers in this edition of The Cash and Kerry Newsletter: Beware of these Money Scams

3. School’s out for summer. But NPR is giving a free financial education for everyone. Planet Money Summer School

4. Are you feeling stuck? How to break out of a rut

5. Yes, avoid. Why you should probably avoid Buy-Now Pay-Later services

6. Is it financial advice or a sales pitch? Buyer beware: Pervasive sales culture is designed to push you into high-fee products

7. Is there good debt and bad debt? TVO explores why we have so much debt (video)

8. I’ll stick with my financial planner for now, thanks. AI can build you an ETF portfolio in less than 20 seconds – should you trust it?

9. Let’s get loud? Why loud quitting is the new quiet quitting and should you go ‘scorched earth’?

10. Tweet of the week

Yes, take time for your wellness. Always.

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