Raising a baby is expensive. I’d say, “Don’t get me started,” but many of you started this journey LONG before me, and many of you are thinking of starting soon. I know this because I get email daily asking for advice on ways to save on the hefty cost of raising kids.

The media query about the financial realities of children too, and I sometimes answer their personal questions on television, radio, and in print.

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I’ve roundedup a few TV clips and posts I think will be helpful to young families looking for some financial relief. Pass this post along if you know someone who could either use a little help or a big reality check.

Super Savers: Raising a baby

I sat down with financial expert Rubina Ahmed-Haq (@AlwaysSaveMoney) for a Bell Media program called Super Savers. The premise of the program is to share how ordinary people have found extraordinary ways to save money.

Since I’m fairly ordinary, I invited Rubina into my humble Toronto apartment and shared my cost-cutting ways with her. It’s a fun clip to watch if you want to sneak a peek into my life. I think it’s obvious Rubina and I had a blast shooting this show.

Also, I don’t make that awesome face throughout the whole video, so we’re good.

The Globe: The crazy cost of daycare

When I compared the cost of licensed daycare to buying a new Honda Civic every year, Rob Carrick (@rcarrick) said, “This is unbelievably expensive.” As the Globe’s personal finance columnist I’m certain he doesn’t throw the word “expensive” around lightly.

The Globe: Easy ways for new parents to save

I love the next clip because this is how I’ve saved a lot of money on my almost three-year-old daughter. I use cloth diapers, I buy used gear, I network with parents to buy and sell toys and clothing. This is easy, people.

This clip also demonstrates how to rock the same orange scarf and fitted blue sweater across media channels.

Do your own math

The Globe and Mail asked me to share my best piece of financial advice. And so I did.


By Kerry K. Taylor | The Globe and Mail | So what does it (really) cost to raise a kid? Do your own math

Best from the blog

Over the last threeish years I’ve created a lot of content for families looking for ways to save money. Downloadables, opinion columns, printables, and ideas. I’ll list the ones you liked best so maybe you can share the savings with others.

My daughter turns three in January, so I’m only getting started. What’s your best advice for cutting the cost of raising kids? Babies, toddlers, kids, pre-teens, teens, young adults — everything works here.