Why I moved from a charming rural farm to the big bad city

Yeppers! I moved from this gorgeous organic farm in British Columbia to Toronto. BTW: This photo is filter-free.

Some people move from rural British Columbia to big city Toronto. I’m one of them.

Pack a carry-on suitcase for a 10 day trip

funny dogs

Avoid airline luggage fees with these ten air travel packing tips.

How to Build Your Own “Modified Staycation” Vacation Package

wine information wine tasting

Learn how to get away for a family (or romantic) vacation without spending a bundle. Find local destinations where activities are free. Wine tours too!

Printable Travel Checklist and Packing List

printable travel checklist packing list

Download this free printable travel checklist and packing list to help you travel.

Printable Moving Checklist and Planner

Download this free printable moving checklist and planner to make your move stress-free.

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