Tax Software Review: StudioTax

free tax software tax forms

An unbiased review of StudioTax tax preparation software. StudioTax is free tax software for Canadians.

Top Five Tax Tips for the Taxed

tax refund

These top 5 tax tips for Canadians will help you save money on income tax.

Stop giving the government an interest free loan (T1213)

I used to rejoice every April when I got my big fat tax refund back from the good folks at the Government of Canada. The money was like a windfall, a treat, a big juicy pay day. My refunds usually amounted to upwards $4800 since I maxed out my retirement savings plan (RRSP) every year. […]

Review: StudioTax 2007

I must love doing my taxes. This is the second time I’ve done them this year. My first tax attempt involved UFile Standard 2007, which I reviewed (and didn’t like to be honest). Since trying UFile, I’ve had a number of readers suggest I try StudioTax 2007. From what I can tell, the company behind […]

Returning UFile 2007 – Trying StudioTax

I don’t like returning stuff. After careful consideration though I’ve decided to send back UFile 2007. My main beef with the application is the poor handling of medical expenses. Since I have carry forward medical expenses from 2006, I need to calculate the best 12 month period ending in 2007. UFile just doesn’t handle this […]

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