Make a healthier McDonald’s Egg McMuffin for 65% less

tasty egg mcmuffin

A fun and easy recipe for making a homemade Egg McMuffin. The photos are fun.

Make Honey Boo Boo’s ‘Sketti’ recipe healthier and for 12% less


Eating cheaply doesn’t mean you have to eat poorly. I show you how by upgrading Honey Boo Boo’s ‘sketti’ recipe.

20 Tasty ways to love your slighted leftovers


Uneaten consumables, odd pieces, and surplus scraps can be made tasty again with these creative leftover cooking ideas.

Food Waste Experiment: Are Debbie Meyer Green Bags worth it?

green bags bananas

Can a bag designed to remove ethylene gas help prolong the life of produce? I pitted fancy Green Bags against regular Ziploc bags to see which kept food fresher, longer. The video says it all.

Freezer Inventory: Three simple steps to a freshly frugal freezer

organized freezer

Download these handy freezer labels, a freezer inventory worksheet, and a funky freezer map for the coolest organizational help in your ice box.

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