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Published On: March 24th, 2023

I’ve been summoned for jury duty. When the strange and ominous envelope arrived from the justice department I knew there could be trouble. Me? Decide on stuff? About people? Excellent! If you’ve got some insight into the jury selection process please let me know.

Lots of financial things going on with Fininfluencers, ChatGPT, and the dark media drama behind the TV show Succession.

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10 money things worth sharing this week

1. 🤖 ChatGPT is all the rage. It’s an AI chatbot that replicates human speech, writes articles and has even passed exams from law and business schools. The bigger concern is will ChatGPT replace your job?

2. 🤖 OpenAI is very quickly rolling out new iterations of the thing that could separate humans from earning income. One FinTech startup wants new hires to learn ChatGPT for work, while The Big Take Podcast reflects on the jobs about to go poof.

3. 😡 “Why I HATE Finfluencers […] And I think you should too,” writes Behavioural Scientist Merle van den Akker. “There is no real incentive for any kind of online influencer to be honest. Because honesty does not pay the bills.”

4. 🙈 “It’s impossible to look away,” writes financial journalist Chris Taylor about HBO’s dark drama Succession. Here are key money lessons from TV’s dysfunctional media empire, entering its final season.

5. 📱 Why Apple and carriers want your old iPhone. It’s a little annoying.

6. 💰 You’ve probably been asked to donate to charity at the checkout counter. Can you say no? There are some downsides to donating under pressure.

7. 👗 I’m a huge fan of second-hand clothing – about 80% of my wardrobe is used. Used quality items can be resold in a sustainable way. Watch out for the clothes you can never recycle though.

8. 🍏 The rising cost of living is a “constant worry” for families around the world. How one family copes with the financial pressure.

9. 🙂 The financial twin of FOMO is the Joy of Missing Out. Here’s how to bring more JOMO into your life.

10. 💸 Tweet of the week makes ya think.

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