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Published On: September 29th, 2023

What do skinny jeans, Beanie Babies, and Bitcoin have in common? Trend alert! We love a good trend and hate to miss out on all the fun. Whether it’s a frivolous craze or something that’s all the rage, chances are jumping on the bandwagon could have serious financial consequences.

Plus, there’s ridiculously expensive old cars, mortgage madness, and tracking your Adjusted Cost Base (ACB).

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10 Money things worth reading this week

1. Tiny trends can have a big impact. The Beanie Bandwagon (Choiceology podcast)

2. Protect yourself. I spoke with Empowered host Elizabeth Naumovski on the financial frauds that could cost you everything. Finfluencers & Social Media with Kerry K. Taylor (YouTube) Could you give us a ‘like’? 👍 It helps the show and keeps us going.

3. Office housework. Why women volunteer for tasks that don’t lead to promotions

4. Shop local, skip plastic. ​​Why many business owners would love it if you stopped using your credit card

5. Gotta keep my 2005 Smart Car. 😭 Pandemic hangover forces used car shoppers to buy very very very old cars (what’s your old car worth?)

6. TL;DR. When writing for busy readers, less is more (there’s how-to help)

7. Can’t decide. 4 Ways fear plays a part in financial indecision

8. Easy as 123? How to track your Adjusted Cost Base (ABC)

9. Mad about her mortgage. Washington Post personal finance columnist, Michelle Singletary paid off her 15-year mortgage in seven years! Readers had some “intense — and occasionally, insulting” thoughts on HER financial decision. (may be paywalled)

10. Calling all Swifties…


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