Would you tip a self-checkout machine?

Published On: May 19th, 2023

Would you tip a self-checkout kiosk? Not a human, a machine. It’s a strange question but corporations are now prompting us to pay a 20% gratuity to whom, exactly?

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10 money things worth sharing this week

1. Should you tip the self-checkout machine? (Video). Retail expert says it’s “emotional blackmail” and it’s costing you more. I suspect behavioural economists may call this ‘preset option’ a default. It’s sneaky.

2. Who gets the money when you tip a self-checkout machine?

3. Rise of the machines. Has tipping culture gone too far?

4. The Benefits of Not Being a Jerk to Yourself (Dan Harris, TED)
A wise and funny talk

5. The inaugural issue of the Journal of Financial Literacy and Wellbeing is available through full and open access.

6. Give more feedback? Why people want it more than you think. (I love feedback, BTW)

7. Learn to take more initiative with The Productivity Playbook. Author Adam Grant says theres evidence that its a trait you can develop.

8. Why is it so hard to say “No”? How to set boundaries (podcast) tools for work, life, money, and everything in-between.

9. 劾 I did a TikTok on how to qualify for the new Grocery Rebate. I’ll be doing more TikToks to explain all things financial, so please subscribe.

10. Tweet of the week

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