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Published On: September 15th, 2023

There’s the family dynamics, the potential weirdness, taxes, and all the legacy stuff to consider whether you’re the one bequeathing or inheriting assets. Maybe it’s a little, maybe it’s a lot – regardless of the size, families should make an estate plan. A generational wealth transfer is under way and reports “ballpark” the shift at about one trillion in Canada. The questions:

  • How do you talk to and prepare your kids for an inheritance?
  • Is it better to gift money now?
  • How do you make wise decisions when inheriting money?

This week is a starting place for talkin’ about family estate planning. A huge thank you to reader Nancy for requesting this awesome topic, and to Julia Chung, CFP, and CEO of Spring Planning for sharing her expertise.

Let’s do this!

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11 Money things worth reading this week

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5. Surprised? “Majority of the wealthy come from middle-class or working-class backgrounds”. How Families Adapt to Wealth Across Generations (Amazon)

6. Under new management. Preparing the Next Generation: A Family Business Roadmap

7. You’re still here. Giving while you’re living

8. Early inheritance? On Twitter: Two tips from Aaron Hector, R.F.P., CFP, TEP and points on family dynamics from Mark McGrath, CFP.

9. Keeping your OAS. How to invest an inheritance in a low income tax bracket

10. Clean sweep. Don’t leave a mess (Amazon)

11. When you don’t trust. Much more than tax minimization – Talking Trusts

I’m always thrilled to find answers to your questions. Feel free to reply to this email if you’ve got a topic you’d like me to cover. As always,

Love love love,

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