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Published On: August 18th, 2023

I often feel nostalgic this time of year. The end of August heading into September always feels like a fresh start. A new pencil case, a clean backpack, and a new set of kicks is the perfect way to start a new grade with a little wonder and a lot of excitement.

Going back to university also feels like a time to start anew. A new academic year with no mistakes in it.

September isn’t perfect, though. There’s student debt and the rising cost of school supplies. So let’s look at ways of cutting a few costs to make the return to school a lot more fun.

Let’s do this!

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10 Money things worth reading this week

1. Weird science. Why September is your second-chance January

2. It’s harder with inflation, but doable. Back-to-school savings tips

3. Don’t forget the dishes. A First Apartment Checklist for those moving away.

4. From spending to social life. A BTS info guide with stats on how much we spend, students’ use of social media to study, and a broad view on the outlook for the class of 2023. Lots of visual data for the stats nerds

5. Smartphone study hacks. A list of back-to-school apps. Some are free, most have a fee.

6. A return to schedules. How parents can make the most of back-to-school energy

7. It’s never too late. Why retirees are going back to college

8. Bring extra and donate to your school. Teachers are paying the price for increase in school supplies

9. You’re tired for a reason. Fatigue can wreck you

10. Of course. Free financial courses for everyone

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