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Published On: November 10th, 2023

How much does this job pay? It’s a common question for job seekers but not many companies voluntarily post salaries, ’cause well, pay transparency is kinda expensive for them.

Things could be changing. There are a bunch of new laws and proposed bills that force employers to reveal ranges in job postings. Removing salary secrecy can help in several ways:

  • Forces employers to be more competitive with new and existing employees
  • Helps seekers identify low paying jobs, and saves everyone the bother of an interview
  • Removes pay gaps and boosts pay equality

The challenge is when companies post overly broad ranges to avoid real transparency, making the whole process meaningless. We shall see!

I’ve got a good mix of stuff for you today.

Let’s do this!

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10 Money things worth reading this week

1. 🇺🇲 State of pay in the USA. U.S. Pay Transparency Laws by State 2023

2. 🇨🇦 Transparent Canuck provinces. British Columbia has new transparency laws and soon Ontario will too

3. 🇪🇺 EU Gender pay gap. How EU transparency laws make men’s and women’s wages more equal

4. Maybe. Maybe Not. Is university worth all the debt? The Debt Free in 30 podcast on YouTube.

5. Best in show. Apple’s top podcast A Slight Change of Plans. A fascinating blend of storytelling with the science of human behavior

6. Ask yourself this one question. What if I’m wrong? A sciencey approach to force oneself to “expand, revise, or drop” what you thought were good points

7. Don’t be afraid. Why change is so scary — and how to unlock its potential. Cognitive scientist Maya Shankar’s TED Talk (YouTube)

8. Get stuck. The new science on making healthy habits stick

9. Health is wealth. Science-backed strategies that will actually help you eat better

10. Probably my fav Tweet of all time:

I’m collecting a whole lotta awesome money questions for upcoming editions. If you’ve got a question hit reply and send it my way! All Qs are welcome. 🙌

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