🎉 Funflation

Published On: November 24th, 2023

When things start to get expensive, we normally stop spending on concerts, events, and all the fun things in life to focus on affording the essentials, right? Nope!

Data from Bank of America suggests North Americans are spending more on concert tickets relative to their income than ever before – a trend that’s been coined “funflation”.

‘Funflation’ is what happens when pandemic lockdowns end in a cost-of-living crisis. At some point people just want to group-hug and sing Taylor Swift songs at the sold out Eras Tour. But Swifties aren’t the only funflationists in town. The ‘Barbenheimer’ summer movie blockbuster was a leading ‘funflation’ indicator, and then the Beyhive sold out Beyoncé’s Renaissance World Tour in seconds.

Today is all about spending on experiences, finding ways to have fun without the financial pain, and how Taylor Swift changed the experience economy forever.

Let’s do this!

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10 Money things worth reading this week

1. It’s a wholesome response to existential dread. 4 reasons why ‘funflation’ is happening

2. ‘Cause we’re not dead yet. Funflation and why concerts are disruption-proof (CBC, YouTube)

3. I couldn’t get tix for either, btw. Impact of ‘funflation’ to continue beyond Taylor Swift and Beyoncé

4. Funflation is whopping? Sporting event ticket prices up a “whopping” 25%

5. Swifties have been tellin’ ya. The Staggering Economic Impact of Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour

6. Scientists are studying this? What the Taylor Swift Effect teaches us about influence

7. ‘Cause she owns Wall Street, fellas. Why Taylor Swift keeps showing up in Wall Street research

8. Look what she made them do. 9 Ways Taylor Swift has changed the music business

9. When you can’t get Eras tickets. How to fight FOMO

10. A fantastic fan pocket doc. How Taylor Swift’s manager changed the music industry, forever (YouTube)

I don’t know about funflation but I do know scoring Eras tickets in Vancouver would make my 11yo Swiftie smile. 🥳

Love love love,


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