🧠 Blame your brain

Published On: April 7th, 2023

We can be our own worst enemy when it comes to money. Even with the best of intentions, so many financial experts rely on math, numbers, and logic stuff to navigate money. It’s not gonna work.

We humans are complex, and many of our money woes come from how our brains are wired. Today is all about getting outta your head.

Let’s do this!

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10 money things worth sharing this week

1. 🧠 Make a budget and you’re all good? Nope. When it comes to money, your brain can be your own worst enemy.

2. 🤯 Money trackers won’t fix much ’cause your spending habits are all in your head.

3. 😠 Can money buy you happiness? Kinda. But “if you’re rich and miserable, more money won’t help”.

4. 🩺 Mental and physical health are only part of the wellbeing equation. Financial health has a huge influence too. Here’s a Wealth of Wellbeing Framework.

5. 🙂 The Finnish secret to happiness is knowing when you have enough.

6. 🏠 “Buying a home will enhance your happiness only if you do it for one reason: to hang out with the people you love.”

7. 🎯 Real luxury goods don’t have brand names. Studies show that mental health is more important than outward shows of success and accumulation of fancy stuff.

8. 🤖 Feeling a little AI anxiety? You’re not alone. A bunch of tech titans want to pause ChatGPT AI development. It’s unlikely to happen.

9. 🧾 Actress Zendaya wants you to “read those contracts“. “I never get into a bad situation anymore,” she says. I really love her advice.

10. 🏠 Tweet of the week

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Have a fantastic week and thank you for reading, sharing, and more sharing.

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