⛳ Beware of astroturfing

Published On: November 17th, 2023

Astroturfing is the attempt to create an impression of widespread grassroots support, often for a product or service, where no real support exists.

Maybe it’s a slew of 5-star reviews, glowing praise in the comments, or a vicious panning – chances are you’ve stumbled upon a fake review or testimonial while evaluating a product online.

The FTC isn’t into it. They’re trying to stop marketers from using illicit review and endorsement practices, ’cause deceiving consumers who are looking for real feedback happens everywhere.

Until there are laws that ban ‘astroturfing’, we’re on our own.

Today is all about weeding out bogus promotions and digging down to the real dirt.

Let’s do this!

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Fake Reviews

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2. Five stars. These tips will help you recognize real reviews

3. Thumbs up! The best place for product reviews is … Reddit?

4. They’re still selling something. The lie of “deinfluencing”

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6. It’s a problem. Fake reviews are rampant online. Can a crackdown end them? (NYTimes)

7. Suspect reviews, probably. What happened to Wirecutter?

8. I buy “boy stuff”, mostly. Can you skip paying ”The Pink Tax’? Empowered w/ Janine Rogan, CPA (YouTube)

9. This is REALLY important. Many advisors say they conduct financial planning, but are those plans in-depth enough? (Globe Video w/ Julia Chung, CFP)

10. Beware of dark patterns. Tricks websites use to make you say ‘yes’

The grass isn’t always greener on the other side of the review.

Love love love,


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