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Published On: June 16th, 2023

I’ve been thinking a lot about success. How can we take where we are today as a starting point, and move towards becoming extremely good – or even outstanding? Stumbles are normal, but getting to a new, more confident and successful place would be ideal, yes?

Shifting your mindset could be the solution.

Today is all about the sweet spot for finding greater success with your wealth, health, and happiness. This isn’t just about finance – it’s about relationships, careers, and wellness too.

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Let’s do this!

Today’s newsletter is 328 words, 1½ minutes.

10 Money things worth reading this week

1. The power of believing that you CAN improve (YouTube)

2. Researchers uncover a new mindset that predicts success.

3. The surprising truth about finding your passion at work. A secret to success!

4. Another super strength. The power of ‘Yet’. This is what I tell myself when I stumble: “I’m not a failure, I just haven’t mastered it yet.” (YouTube)

5. Why frenemies are worse than enemieshow to deal with fickle friends. Surrounding yourself with foes can impact life, your goals, and your future success.

6. The most toxic relationships aren’t what you think. From Organizational psychologist Adam Grant. Financial health and wellness are often connected.

7. The new psychology of success (study)

8. Is your brain ‘fixed’ or flexible or you’re not sure yet? Your powerful, changeable mind.

9. Do you see yourself here? A summary of growth and fixed mindsets.

10. The crucial link between motivation and self-awareness. Not all motivation is created equal – and some factors driving a desire to succeed can even be harmful.

If there’s one thing you take away from today’s newsletter, let it be the power of ‘yet’. Whenever you feel you’ve fallen a little short of a goal, it’s not permanent – you just haven’t mastered it ‘yet’.

Love love love,


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