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After months of writing and rehearsal I have a brand new keynote speech that’s super fun, impactful, and will help you see (and do something about) the sneaky human biases and behaviors that trip us up with money! It’s not our coffee buying and loathing of budgets that mess us up — it’s our brains!

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My Keynote Speaker Trailer

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I just keynoted at the Financial Health and Wealth Conference for the Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario (ETFO) and shared my financial know-how with a lot laughter, understanding, and a few reality checks too.

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Kerry’s Keynote Speech: Money Sense Ain’t Common Sense

Kicking a$$ with money is just a matter of using some common sense, right? Make a budget, spend less than you earn, cut out the coffee, and you’ll be a millionaire in no time, right? Nope.

The problem is money isn’t about math (or coffee). Our money sense is often influenced by sneaky behavioral and emotional biases that turn our good intentions into costly financial mistakes.

Kerry tackles these challenges with science, humor (or humour if you’re Canadian), and a lot of understanding:

  • Why do we love “FREE” stuff so much?
  • How do FOMO, social media, and technology wire you to spend?
  • How can brain science help you hit your next-level financial goals?
  • Ways to conquer impulsivity when living for today feels fantastic.
  • How to use behavioral and computer science strategies to tackle debt.
  • How to silence financial anxiety, for good.

Combining her interdisciplinary background in financial journalism and computer science with behavioral science and her seemingly irrelevant experience in Ironman racing, organic farming, and sketching on napkins, Kerry explains how our behavioral biases and spending decisions curb our ability to save, and what we can do to fix it.

When your company, association, or group is looking for a fun and impactful keynote speaker — I’m here for ya! I’ve keynoted to thousands over the years and I can customize my message for special groups.

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