A gas mileage calculator can help you see if your car a gas guzzling machine. With fuel prices reaching all-time highs around the country, it’s important to know the mileage you’re getting and at what cost.

To help go the distance at less cost, I’ve created the Tool: Gas Mileage Calculator to help determine the gas consumption of your vehicle.

My hope is you will save money on gas by knowing your car’s gas mileage and consequently working towards becoming more efficient.

Use the Gas Mileage Calculator to determine:

  • Gas mileage in Miles per Gallon (USA).
  • Gas consumption in Litres per 100km (Canadian).
  • Cost per distance.

To use the Gas Mileage Calculator:

  1. Open the Gas Mileage Calculator.
  2. Under Distance Driven, enter how far you drove on a tank of gas. From the drop-down list, select distance in Miles or km.
  3. Under Gas Used, enter the quantity of fuel consumed. From the drop-down list, select Gallons or Litres as your preferred unit of measure.
  4. Under Price of Gas, enter the price you paid for gas. From the drop-down list, select $ per Gallon or $ per Litre.
  5. Click Calculate. The Results display the Gas Mileage and Cost per Distance in both USA and Canadian measures.

Example Data:
gas mileage calculator

Do the results surprise you? Do let me know what you think!