I’m so done with holiday sales events. Maybe you should be too.

Black Friday

I’m all about saving money, but I think Black Friday, Cyber Monday and a Canadian thing called Boxing Day are weird ways to go about it.

5 Days of Holiday Bull$hit


Tell me what bugs you most about the holiday consumerism that was Christmas, and I’ll promise to never send you any free crap in the mail.

If you don’t have any skills, then get some.

bad date

If you aren’t happy with your situation in life then you need to stop whining about your circumstance and fix it. Also, bad dates can happen to good people.

Sometimes you have to shave the Yak

Backtrack on this yak -- he's already been shaved.

The local petting zoo may be the perfect place to face your financial challenges.

Can you raise a child for $3,000 a year?

Walk like you own it.

Raising kids costs some amount of money. How much are you spending to raise a child?

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