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About Kerry
About Kerry

I’m Kerry K. Taylor.

I’m a financial journalist, author, speaker, and the lone blogger here at Squawkfox.com.

I am dedicated to helping you reduce debt, increase savings, earn more, invest wisely, and reach financial independence. I’m here to show you how money works.

Early blogging days…
I started writing about personal finance in 2007 as an email newsletter for friends. I was working in STEM as a programmer-writer and found few of my friends and colleagues understood how to write a resume, negotiate salary, save for retirement, buy a home, or invest for the future. I grew up in a thrifty family and I learned serious money skills young, so I shared. My email newsletter became too popular to manage so I started Squawkfox.com in 2008.
Why Squawkfox?
Squawkfox is a fun play on a Squawk Box — an intercom speaker used by traders to communicate with analysts and brokers. But why be a square box when you can be a sly fox? Yes we “squawk” here — but money is sexy, delicious, and fun.
Going viral wasn’t the plan…
By 2009 many of my posts on Squawkfox reached millions of readers — my financially fun and helpful advice on everything from cutting costs to buying real estate hit the front pages of Lifehacker, Yahoo!, Digg, and TIME. Back then millions of views was called “going viral”. With the popularity of my blog, HarperCollins asked me to write 397 Ways to Save Money. Ten years later the traffic continues.

Squawkfox.com was voted Canada’s best money blog by Globe and Mail readers in 2010. Chatelaine named Squawkfox the “gold standard for personal finance blogging” in 2014 for inspiring Canadians to make wiser financial decisions.

Today I am a personal finance expert on CBC’s On The Money, and a contributor to the Globe and Mail. I’ve written for MoneySense, Today’s Parent, and soon for Chatelaine.

My wheelhouse has a lot of wheels…

I talk, write, and speak on everything personal finance. Student debt, groceries, cost of raising kids, budgeting, debt reduction, mortgages, real estate, retirement planning, investing, travel, behavioural finance, shopping, and so much more.

Breaking news & lifestyle!
I have appeared on lifestyle shows The Marilyn Denis Show, Canada AM, and CTV’s Your Morning. But I’m all business on newscasts – CBC’s The National, BNN, CTV News, and radio programs across North America.
Sports & science.
A former competitive cyclist and swimmer, I am a two-time Ironman Triathlon finisher. I am a journalism graduate from Carleton University and studied computer science at the University of British Columbia. Squawkfox shares money stories with a lot of math. In my spare time between parenting a 6-year-old and running a business, I nap.
Love love love,