As a consumer expert, a financial author, and a popular blogger Kerry has spoken on a number of topics ranging from personal finance to building a high traffic blog.

All speeches are customized.
Kerry does not have a set speech. She tailors each speech to each client.

Kerry K. Taylor

Speech Topics Include:

Personal Finance, Saving Money, Smart Consumer Savvy

Take these money-saving strategies to the store and bank them
Being a savvy consumer can be profitable. Save an easy $5,000 a year with these simple steps. Yes, simple.

Social Media and Blogging

How to get millions of people to read your blog
Kerry shares how she convinced millions of people to read long posts about consumer restraint. While discussing her favourite (and a few viral) ‘Squawks,’ she talks about creating the site and shares her ideas on what makes a post insanely popular.

How to find your voice
Known for her witty and often quirky writing style, Kerry shows writers, small businesses, and corporations how to harness ‘personality’ and unleash it across social media. Introverts and extroverts rejoice — we all have a voice worth sharing.

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