Women tend to go wonky over white wedding dresses. With the average bride bestowing $1,975 on a wear-only-once-white-gown, you gotta know someone’s wonked-out bank account is a sad shade of something blue.

H&M wants to change that. The Swedish retailer is sticking it to the pricey wedding industry by stocking a $99USD wedding dress on clothing racks across the globe.

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Called the “Long dress with sparkly stones”, this Grecian-style gown retails for $129 in Canada and is available internationally online. Yes, the dress features sparkly stones.

H&M wedding dress

A $99 wedding dress is an outstanding bridal bargain. But would you wear it for your wedding? Would you say “Yes” to this inexpensive dress?

I went to H&M to see the goods for myself.

Is the $99 H&M wedding dress worth it?

Fancy fashion bloggers deem H&M’s wedding dress an “homage to vintage 1930s Hollywood.” Since I’m a money blogger, I deem this dress a major one-finger salute to bridal boutiques who make women feel they need to spend outrageous amounts of money on overpriced princess gowns while tugging emotional strings to make the sale. The more expensive the gown, the more committed and special the marriage, right? Wrong.

H&M wedding dress

H&M could change all that. By offering an affordable option, maybe (just maybe) brides-to-be will question the crazy prices of wedding dresses and the emotional marriage markup the market seems willing to pay. And maybe (just maybe) couples will challenge the crazy cost of weddings. Anyhoo, here’s what H&M has to offer:

What you get for $99USD

Fabric: I’m no fashionista, but I would describe the bright white H&M wedding dress as a super flowy floor-length gown with a fitted band that cinches in at the natural waistline. The beading creates a feminine flower arrangement on a sheer panel across the collarbone. Fabricated in mostly polyester with a touch of stretch, the dress contains some cotton for added weight and softness. When I twirled around the change room, the dress twirled with me. Everyone knows I twirl when wearing a Grecian gown.

Fit: Available in sizes 2-16, H&M offers a “street size” fit without having to do weird designer wedding boutique dress math. Petite brides requiring a smaller fit or a shorter length may have to pay big bucks for alterations since tailoring a lined dress with pleats ain’t cheap. My frame fails to do this dress justice since the size and fit are off, so don’t let my lack of modelling skills sway you against the grown.

Cleaning: No special dry cleaning, bridal boxing, and storage requirements here. After wearing H&M’s dress for the few hours at your wedding, the label suggests to simply machine wash cool in a laundry bag. Hang to dry. Iron. That’s it, ladies. Store it in the back of your closet (like everyone else’s wedding gown) or take it for a spin on Halloween. At ninety-nine bucks you’re good.

Other retail options.

I’d love to see H&M offer a few dress styles for brides of all shapes and sizes. While a Grecian-style dress can be figure-flattering for some, a classic A-line or column gown would be a welcome addition for brides seeking a more traditional silhouette. Petite sizes would be lovely too.

So if H&M’s bargain of a bridal gown isn’t for you, go online and check out J.Crew, Ann Taylor, White House Black Market, and Banana Republic too. Most of these retailers list wedding dresses starting at $350 and go way up from there.

Buying a used wedding dress is also a great option for a bride on a budget. I should know, I bought my used Nicole Miller silk sheath gown for around $100 on eBay. Check out my insanely popular post, How to get married for $239 to see my dress and find out where to buy used wedding gowns for pennies on the dollar.

Would you say, Yes?

I’m popping the question: YES to the H&M $99 wedding dress, or NO, not down with the gown?

Also, I’m curious — how much did you spend on your wedding dress?

Comment away!