Are you a sneaky snack attacker? Do you feel a painful pang of hunger around 3PM and find solace in a vexing vending machine? Well, stop spending big bucks buying fake foods from vending machines. Eating anything mechanized and labeled H9 or A11 is just silly. Kick those mechanical munchies by attacking nourishing frugalicious snacks.

With a bit of planning it’s easy to replace those expensive unhealthy vending foods with affordable and delicious snacks. For your snacking pleasure, I’ve put together a pictorial guide for eating frugaliciously on a healthful budget. Each snacking choice is well balanced with carbohydrates to keep your brain happy and protein to do your body good.


Here are my top five frugalicious snacks:


1. Apple with Peanut Butter:

Green apple slices or red. All colors of apples taste yummy with a little dollop of natural peanut butter. Skip the hydrogenated, sugar stuffed, and sodium filled butters. Stick with butters labeled: Just Peanuts!


2. Veggies with Hummus:

Any veggie dips well with hummus. Opt for homemade hummus by blending chick peas, lemon, garlic, and olive oil to taste. There’s no rules with hummus. Just mix it up to please your taste buds.


3. Fruits & Seeds with Yogurt:

Slice some sweet fruits, add to plain natural yogurt, and toss on some pumpkin and sunflower seeds for taste. Pass on the packaged yogurt loaded with artificial sweeteners. Adding fruit yourself sweetens the yogurt naturally and frugally.


4. Dates with Almonds:

Try stuffing some yummy dates (unsulphured) with natural raw almonds. The sweet healthy crunch will bring you back for more. Just slice open a date and stick in an almond!


5. Fruit with Cottage Cheese:

Slice or chop some fruitilicious fruits and add to low fat cottage cheese. This is a simple and delicious snack packed full of protein and sweet carbohydrate. It’s easy, fast, and simple. Try mango, apples, berries, or even a banana.

Snacking frugally and healthfully is really simple. It just takes a bit of planning to save some bucks and react to the dreaded snack attack with yummy frugalicious choices. Do you have a favorite frugal snack attack food?