Are you dashing out the door without dining on breakfast? Or are you filling a bowl with limp flakes and fluff puffs? Stop starving your metabolism with zero calories or flaky fake foods from bright colored cereal boxes. Skipping the most important meal of the day or filling up on sugary carbohydrate crap is bonkers. Skip the fake breakfast marketing muckity muck by feasting on frugalicious breakfasts!

With a bit of planning it’s easy to replace those expensive instant breakfasts, sugary shakes, and cereal flakes with frugally priced real breakfast food. Dashing without breakfast dining will be a thing of the past with this visual guide for eating frugaliciously on a healthful budget. Each breakfast choice is a well balanced meal with carbohydrates, protein, and yummy morning goodness to start your day right.


Here are my top five frugalicious breakfasts:


1. Steel Cut Oatmeal with Apple:

Go ahead! Chop up some yummy apples and cook them up with natural and wholesome steel cut oatmeal. Add a dash of cinnamon and a dollop of milk to complete this delicious, nutritious, and frugal breaky. I cook a batch every Sunday, and reheat perfect portions throughout the week. Soo simple. Sooo tasty. Soooo healthful and good for you.


2. Fresh Fruit:

Go bananas for apples, oranges, mangos, and grapefruits! Fruit grow perfectly packaged in a natural wrapper, so they are super simple to take along to school or work if pressed for time. I did have a banana for this picture, but I ate it. Yummy.


3. Omelette with Beans:

Cook up a quick eggtastic egg white omelette for your morning meal. Eggs are quick to cook, yummy to eat, and are packed with protein. I add veggies and beans to my quick morning omelette. Be free and try chick peas, mung beans, or fava beans to kick some additional protein into this meal.


4. Quinoa with Fruit:

Try eating quinoa just as you would oatmeal. Add apples, mangos, and berries to sweeten the deal and give it some punch. Add some nuts or seeds for additional crunch. You may be surprised how tasty this tiny sesame-seed sized grain is in the morning. It’s high in protein and lower in carbohydrates than most grains.


5. Peanut Butter on Toast:

What could be simpler than natural peanut butter on toast? Nothing is tastier, easier, and more affordable than this classic breakfast stand-by. Choose non-hydrogenated butters and brown unbleached breads. Add banana slices on top to add some appeal.

Enjoying breakfast frugally and healthfully is really simple. It just takes a bit of planning to save some bucks and to start your day right with frugalicious choices. Do you have a favorite frugal breakfast food?