I fired QuickTax today. When a company, or bank, or software package annoys me strongly enough, I dismiss them and never look back. Intuit’s QuickTax has been on my dismissal list for a few years now. I’ve been a QuickTax customer since 1997, but this year’s release prompted me to switch to UFile. Here’s why Intuit got the axe:

  1. Price: Is it just me or has the price of QuickTax Standard increased substantially over the last three years? QuickTax Standard sells for $39.99 while UFile Standard is only $19.99 (I purchased from Future Shop).
  2. Decreased Returns: Intuit has decreased the number of returns over the years. This year a household can only file two returns. UFile Standard (for Windows) supports four eight returns while UFile Plus (for Windows) supports 16 returns.
  3. Abysmal Customer Support: Don’t try to email Intuit with software issues…just don’t try.
  4. Advertisement Up Sells: It really bugged the heck outta me how QuickTax would try to up sell my software license once I started doing my taxes. For example, if I entered investment or business income, QuickTax would suggest (through pop-up ads) I purchase the Business Edition. Getting up sold while doing my taxes is the WRONG way to make a sale. Taxes are stressful enough without having your software try to sell you something.

So off I go to do my taxes. There’s no time like the present.

Update: Apparently UFile Standard for Windows (the version I bought) does eight returns on one license, and not four as I had reported. Here’s UFile’s FAQ. Additionally, UFile.ca (the online version) is available free of charge to those with annual income of $20,000 or less. More reason to switch especially if you’re a student!