Achoo! I’m waging a war on the dust bunny and I want you to win the money battle in the dust game. Since I’m allergic to paying for Swiffer Sweeper refills and I break out in hives at the cost of replacement Swiffer Duster thingers, I’ve hacked a better way for cleaning my home.

Getting us to spend big bucks on refills is a nice gig for cleaning companies looking to make ongoing cash. So I’m putting an end to endless refills, taming the dust mites, dealing with allergies, and sweeping up pet hair all with a swish of my Swiffer hacked broom.

dust swiffer spring cleaning checklist

So if you’re allergic to paying for expensive and environmentally unfriendly dusters and sweepers, then try these 4 frugal home cleaning tips for a cleaner home at less cost.

1. Use Microfiber Cloths or Towels

Go ahead and turn your Swiffer into a microfiber mop by passing on refills altogether. Microfiber fabrics are woven from very fine synthetic fibers and are perfect for lots of home cleaning activities, including: mopping, dusting, polishing, and wiping.

microfiber dust spring cleaning tips

These soft and reusable cloths save you money because they are effective at cleaning delicate surfaces like computer monitors, are machine washable, and don’t require costly cleaning solutions to remove grime. Microfiber cloths come in a range of sizes and weights with varying loop sizes and you can buy a package of 12 Microfiber Cleaning Towels for around $10. That’s less than $1 a towel!

I’ve used microfiber cloths on my Swiffer Sweeper for over a year now with excellent results. Microfiber fabric is durable and when the cloth is dirty I just clean it with my laundry.

To turn your Swiffer Sweeper into a microfiber mop:

1. Apply microfiber cloth to the Swiffer Sweeper in the same way as a refill.

spring cleaning tips dust swiffer microfiber

2. If the cloth is too long or wide, use clasps to tighten cloth over the Swiffer.

house cleaning checklist microfiber swiffer dust allergies

3. Sweep away all your dust bunnies and pet hair!

I love using microfiber cloths over refills because they are a greener alternative, they are reusable for many years, and they cost far less over time. Besides, throwing away Swiffer mop pads and dusters needlessly adds to our landfills and I feel better about not contributing to our environmental debt.

2. Get with it and flip it!

When the dust settles and you think your Swiffer mop sheet has bitten the dust, go ahead and flip it to push forward and continue gathering dust! By fliping these seemingly one-sided Swiffer mop sheets you save 50% on your home cleaning costs by using both sides.

dust swiffer house cleaning checklist

You may need to dust the one side off with a little vaccuming power, but I assure you both sides work equally well for removing the grime from your flooring.

3. Wash and Reuse

Don’t chuck your Swiffer sheets and dusters just yet! If you’ve got some mesh laundry bags and a load of wash ready to rumble, then extend the use of these handy electrostatic dusting and floor mopping tools by washing your dusters and mop heads.

dust swiffer spring cleaning tips

Did you know they can last for several cleanings? Well, they can. Not only do these refillables stay electrostatic after washing but you will reduce the garbage created and save big.

4. Buy Generic Refills

With the popularity of Swiffer refillables, many companies have moved into this dusty market to capture your home cleaning dollars. Many generic refillables cost 10-60% less than the cost of the Swiffer brand. I’ve purcased the Swiffer Duster refills as generics and they hold up nicely for several uses AND can be washed many times to keep costs down.

So if you’re ready to leave your Swiffer sheets and mops in the dust then do try these home cleaning hacks to save some dough. I promise, when the dust settles you’re gonna love the savings.