Ever buy something so useful you have to share your thoughts with others? Think spending big bucks on a product one day is dumb, but glad you went the extra dollar mile?

This week let’s Squawkback about those items you bought, perhaps spent a little more than wanted, but you’re glad for it. What are the three best things you ever bought, and why? What gets the most use in your home, closet, or car? What could you not live without?


Question: What are your 3 best purchases?

Fox’s Answers:

  1. Quality Shoes. Shoes of solid construction are not cheap, but they last. Besides, you only have two feet.
  2. Road Bike. I dumped some serious dollars on my road bike. I ride everywhere. I don’t own a car. Not paying for fuel and staying healthy have more then paid for this ride many times over. Besides, since my bike is awesome, I’m more likely to ride it.
  3. My Dog. My dog Tivo is not cheap, but she brings me so much joy. Since I got her from the Humane Society/SPCA she’s pretty much recycled, right?

Your turn! Share your best spends, quality purchases, and most useful expenses by Squawking Back!